The Manchester Co-operative Credit Union (1977) Limited Philosophy.

1.    A Co-operative society is a group of people who have come together to help themselves achieve a better quality of life.

2.    Every member accepts that
(a) He is an owner
(b) He benefits from success
(c) He shares in failures
(d) He joined because he wants to help another human being, and help himself.

3.    Man’s pride and dignity do not permit him to accept hand-outs indefinitely.

4.    A co-operative is organized to mobilize and use most effectively the talents, skills, knowledge and time of its members for the good of all.

5.    Profit making is not a primary consideration, although it is necessary to run a business effectively.

6.    Service is the aim of the group- the best possible service. Hence the expression- not for profit, not for charity, but for service.

7.    Man feels some responsibility for his fellow man- his brother. Hence, I am my brother’s keeper.

8.    Man is a social being, and therefore recognizes his need for, and dependence on others.

9.    Man feel some measure of responsibility for others, whether consciously or unconsciously, and demonstrates it at all times e.g. concern for a friend “How are you?” “Good morning,” “God bless you,” “ Keep well” etc.

10.    A further demonstration is giving someone a drink, donating to charity, etc.

11.    Co-operative is an opportunity to prove in modest measure the practicality of the brotherhood of man.

12.    The best form of assistance is not through hand-outs, but through an opportunity to help and improve one self. A co-operative provides this opportunity.

13.    Success in a co-operative depends on what each member puts in. it is a pooling of all resources for the common good.

14.    Benefits are provided principally according to need.

15.    With all of this, goes responsibility, the members must run it, they must equip themselves, they must do the work, they must be competent and efficiently.

16.    Any Member can be a leader because of the true democratic control built into the co-operative, is the better member he will be.

17.    It is important to know as much as possible about the co-operative- even before you join. The more one understand about his co-operative, is the better member he will be.

18.    The more informed the members are, the more successful will be the co-operative.

19.    In another type of business, one is not concerned about how the business is run, as long as the services required are provided. In a co-operative, however, every member is responsible for how the business is runs, so that it can provide the services needed.